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Support Your Group

All members of the group appreciate the value of having good kit and good evening resources.

If we're doing an overnight camp for example we always want to have the best tents or cooking equipment available for our members to use. Every year we let everyone know we're collecting Active Kids vouchers – parents, friends, work colleagues – anyone we can think of. Everyone is brilliant at contributing to our collection, but I often think it's a shame that many people don’t fully realise the amount of equipment we’re able to get with their help. Their support really does make a difference to us!

Please donate the vouchers in the collecting box inside the porch at HQ. Every one donated really can make a difference.


The development of the group through the years has relied heavily on raising additional funds to support the growth of our group.

This group currently offers scouting opportunities to 140 local children and that is something we are very proud of as a team.

Here at 8th Ashford we have a very active Fundrasing Committee, their support and enthusiasm coordinating and running events on the groups behalf is a key feature of the success of 8th Ashford.

Please link to current events to find out details on how to support us

Please email if you have any questions relating to current events

If you shop on line then please link to read how your shopping bill can earn the group additional funds. Once registered as a user, any purchase you make would generate a percentage donation to the Scout Group. Many stores signed up to this fundraising scheme Tesco, Milletts, Amazon, Play.com, M & S. Please register to support your group.

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